5/01/2012 8

________ ! Merry Merry Chocolate ! ________

By Cindy A.

 / Weather as usual cold and depressing. Being alone sometimes make you think a lot for yourself. Its funny how many of us struggling between right and wrong, sadness and happiness...its like a never-ending battle, and you are your greatest enemy. / 
 / Gotten plenty of nice stuff from Oh!Poupée
after a long time and i can't wait to show you guys, heres the first two... cute chocolate doctor bag and really comfy and fitting red cardigan, look at the details on the sleeve! / 
 / I am wearing four layers of clothing here, its no joke when the weather fails you and i rather keep myself really warm even i look so bulky most of the times. / 
 / My all time fav: Green apples, honey, muesli and greek yogurt / 40 calories belgian chocolate drink! / "English" tom yum souppp / One of the daily coffees. / 
 / Green scarf + red cardi = early xmas XD / Going out on a rainy day, again. / lovely cardigan from Oh!Poupée / Sparkling cream and violet! / 
 / Tube. / Healthy and hearty morning. / Cheap spicy pick me up. / On my street. / 

 / Sometimes i feel like i have just dug a hole too deep and that i fell so hard and i deserved to be hurt and left alone. I was naive and idealistic for most part of my life. And now reality hits in. There is no right or wrong in love. Only whats best for you and whats not. We are all meant to be different and wanting different things in life. I am not 18 anymore... romance and passion dont pay your bills. I still love you tho.:) / 


8 Responses to “________ ! Merry Merry Chocolate ! ________”

  1. Oh I am loving all the photos of the food! :)


  2. Vanesha says:

    Awww well one still cant live without love huh? Dont worry you will find love again! Lovely pictures

  3. enenmon says:

    i juz realised, red suits u A LOT A LOT!!!! red tops, red lipstick, probably even red hair! :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    i love you Cindy...yeahhh go girl!! keep posting okay xoxoxo

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hope you're doing fine! :) Really miss times when you blogged about your everyday life. Come back to SG soon! :)

  6. Jenee C. says:

    I'm loving your blog, just came across it via Chictopia.
    ~xx http://camomeetscouture.blogspot.com/

  7. Hey Cindy, hope your doing fine. Well that's reality /reality bites/ but don't get it into you. Our life have it's own ups and downs sometimes we get to feel that it really hurts but don't worry.. it will soon be ok. A little patience and a strong heart will do. Be safe.