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__________ Hair Before The Trip, ___________

By Cindy A.

I am leaving in a few hours time. And I suppose things will get really busy the first few days after I reached Milan...and without the internet and all I might not be able to update until I get settled down. But no worries, I have prepared and scheduled a few blog posts in advance so you guys will still get to see new things here every one or two days :)

Like my new hair?

Before this long trip ahead I was invited to Salon Vim at 313 by John Tham. I definitely had a great experience there! As I said before I haven't actually step into a salon for more than half a year and the last time I did a perm and I regretted it so much. My ends were already dry from bleaching when i had short hair and the perm made it even worse. My hair's condition was truly bad and I just had to style it everyday with curling iron so it looked decent. Oh and many people might think that i have full and healthy hair, it all goes to the styling etc. Naturally i have very straight and fine hair...very flat so i spend most of my preparation time giving volume to it using zigzag crimping iron on the crown area and some hair extensions at the bottom. It really does wonders...as you can see in my many pictures :) But at the same time its bad for your hair when you do it on daily basis.

It was already pretty late when i reached Salon Vim and John was really nice and patient while fixing my hair. Due to time constraint, he suggested doing a dye, treatment and hair trimming for that day. I didn't have much opinions because i'm always willing to try new stuff and i guess i could trust the professional telling me what suited me the most. First he did a ash-brown dye with subtle highlights from the cruise collection for me. Then he repaired the damaged hair with Hair Filling Serum, reconstructing and restoring the hair cortex . For post color treatment, he used Power Dose Color to lock in hair color by repelling moisture. Lastly he used Vitamino Color Masque to nourish the hair for long lasting color shine. He also trimmed my hair the way that it doesn't look heavy and the weight doesn't concentrate on the ends anymore. So it definitely gave volume to my crown area too.

Here are some products from Loreal that suit my dry and limp hair condition. I could really feel the difference after the treatment, my hair instantly became smooth. It used to be tangling and still a little dry everytime i washed my hair, no matter how much hair conditioner i used. I was very happy with the result and especially the hair color and highlights! I always thought that you need to bleach to achieve ash color but i was wrong. The dyeing process was pretty fast and the outcome was amazing, i like the subtle highlights that added 'volume' to the hair color. Of course my hair didn't turn magically perfect after just one-time treatment. But it certainly helped improving my hair with all the deep nourishing treatment i haven't had in a long time. The haircut made me feel lighter on the top and its really a nice change after so long.

Thanks to John and his colleagues at Salon Vim. I bothered him with many of my doubts and questions on my hair condition and i was glad that he understood my problems and also gave me a few good advices on how to style my hair better. Its not easy when you don't have thick hair naturally to begin with. But its definitely not impossible if you are willing to do something about it.

Forgot to mention, my readers will get 10% discount visiting Salon Vim :)


5 Responses to “__________ Hair Before The Trip, ___________”

  1. Leya says:

    love your new hair! gorgeous! have a great trip! :DD

  2. Anonymous says:

    cute! I'm waiting 'big news' from you. you know what, traveling alone make me nervous..LOl you take care

  3. Anonymous says:

    How long will you be gone for? :(

  4. Anonymous says:

    the hair's pretty! :) have a fun trip!

  5. Anonymous says:

    what kind of camera are you using?

    love the hair btw