1/27/2013 5

_______ ! This Winter Warms Me Up ! _______

By Cindy A.

 Fur Parka Jacket - Chicwish / Leopard Print Dress - Sheinside / Triumph 1914 W Boots / Dr. Martens / Pastel Vintage Clutch Bag / Gift 

 You have no idea how much i adore this fur parka on me! Maybe you do, as i just posted so many many pictures of me wearing it :D Haha. Its an absolute darling! Its timeless in style, very comfy, really thick to keep you warm in the cold days and you can detach the inner coat, fur collar and sleeve parts if its too much for the weather! I think i will be wearing it a lot till winter ends. :) I also love my new pair of Dr. Martens, its part of the new Triumph W collection, with cute ribbon lace and offers a faded black look. Me loving this length of Dr. Martens boots, similar to my old pair of 1914. :) Life wise, i have just finished a project and im dead tired right now. Finally i can sleep early like a normal human being. And i can't wait to go for my short vacation with mum before Chinese New Year. I feel blessed with so much love from my mum. And this winter, will definitely be a great one for me. Hope it is for you guys toooooo...


5 Responses to “_______ ! This Winter Warms Me Up ! _______”

  1. Sydney L. says:

    do you live in china??

    i do love this parka!! so jealous xxx

  2. Lali says:



  3. H. KELLEN says:

    me encanta tu estilo, te vez muy linda y original en todas tu fotografias un abrazo desde colombia
    visitanos cuando puedas
    http://armariovacio.blogspot.com/ y nuestra fanpage :D http://www.facebook.com/ArmarioVacioCreaTuEstilo?ref=hl

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