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10/31/2011 6

________ ! Petals Of Wishful Thinkings ! ______

By Cindy A.

. Purple Oversized Cardigan . Floral Dress . Yellow Sling Purse . Chicwish . Cream Skinny Belt . Oh! Poupée

I am definitely missing this purple cardigan that i left it in Singapore...and the variety of clothes and shoes that i could choose from the wardrobe. But i do prefer the weather here in Milan although it can get a little depressing and uncomfortable with all that rain sometimes. I absolutely love the sun in autumn here! Went to Firenze Florence last weekend and it was amazing. How can a place be so beautiful? I think Italy is definitely one of the most beautiful country in the world, no? :) I'll be going to Torino to catch Underworld concert on Monday! Can't wait :D

Kocham Cię :)


10/29/2011 3

____________ ! Ciao Venezia ! _____________

By Cindy A.

Travelled to Venice on one of the weekends and it was unforgettable. Aside from how amazingly beautiful the place was in real life and to actually be there, it just felt surreal. Crazier part was when we couldn't even find a hotel or hostel to stay, not even the places with no 'stars'... every single hotel we asked for was fully booked. We tried to search for a place to sleep for almost 2 hours at night and nothing was available and when we thought the last resort was to catch the last train back home, no we missed it at 9pm. With no where to go...we had to sleep in the streets then. We also wandered around the dark streets of Venice 3am in the morning... a different way to explore the city indeed. It turned out fun. 

 Venice Train Station. 
 In the train, 
 Just like in the paintings, 

 Streets on water. 


 I loved the flea market with people selling second hand stuff and cool antiques. 

 Dead end. 

 Picture perfect. 

  Camping by the river. 

  Oh no! 


 Quiet Venice, and nicer. 

 Venezia, what a trip.