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8/31/2011 10

_____ Look Into My Eyes When I Say Yay. _____

By Cindy A.

 . Hearts Top in Nude . Mustard Handbag . Oh! Poupée . Denim Shorts . Vintage . Skinny Belt . Asos . 

This sheer nude top with hearts design is just too cute and dainty looking. I heart it! :D Really comfortable to wear under such hot weather. I have also been bringing this mustard bag to work almost everyday, and i would wear colors that are not too loud like white, black and beige to go with it so it can stand out! Anyways, i gotta go, time is running out! Hope you guys are enjoying this week! 

Love :)


8/30/2011 5

__________ That's What She Said, __________

By Cindy A.

This pictures were taken a few months ago and i just discovered them in my Leica camera! And many others that i will post slowly in future. Wearing falsies here :) They really make a difference to how your eyes look! But i'm too lazy to constantly use them. And this is my hair everyday before i curl and style, very dry and bad! Look at the ends, omg. Results of too much bleaching last time when i had my funkay short hair and the perming early this year made it even worse. My boyfriend said my hair is like a broom. Haha.


8/28/2011 13

_______ The Other Side Of The World ________

By Cindy A.

Remember when i said life is truly unpredictable? I will step foot in Milan, Italy in less than 2 weeks time. I still can't believe it...even now, its just too surreal for me. I will be there for at least a month. And maybe i will tour a bit Europe before i come back. Of course i'm not there just for play, i will have alot to do and i'm feeling nervous more than excited now? I need to relax. 

I thank god for this opportunity and i will cherish it very much. 

I hope to continue blogging much and update you guys my trip whenever i have free time, cos i believe i will be even busier there! But i will be sorry for the picture qualities because i will only be bringing along my compact camera Leica D-lux 4. Hopefully its good enough to capture all my happy moments there! I will definitely miss the nikon DSLR. :)


8/27/2011 11

____________ ( Poppin' Dreams ) ___________

By Cindy A.

 . Poppin' Hearts Dress . Oh! Poupée . Yellow Envelope Bag . Chicwish . Skinny Belt . Asos . Oversized Beige Cardigan . ( Selling ) . 

Sometimes i like to go feminine and sweet, playing with patterns, colors and details :) 
This dress is really beautiful and unique, don't you think so?

Recently i have been so busy that i didn't have much time to sleep, everyday was a mad rush for me! Been working so much that i felt so drained. And theres so much things to settle before i leave Singapore. Don't worry im not leaving the country for good, i'll be away for awhile and will update the details with you guys in the next post! Of course i will still be here blogging. :)

Anyways, i am sellling this oversized beige cardigan @ 20sgd includes local registered postage. Details of purchasing you can refer to one of the selling posts. The length top to bottom is 66cm, shoulder point to point 50cm, sleeve length is 52cm. Worn about 5 times. Email me fast for its first come first serve basis! :)  sold!


8/26/2011 8

____________ ! Stir Fry Stuff ! _____________

By Cindy A.

 . Japanese Mushroom . Japanese Cucumber . Choy Sim Vegetable . Chicken Breast . Yellow Bell Pepper . White Sesame . Garlic . Oyster Sauce . Black Pepper . Salt . Olive Oil . 

I miss my home-cooked food like this!


8/23/2011 10

_____________ ! La Bella Vita ! ____________

By Cindy A.

I love studs. That's why this black studded satchel immediately caught my eye when i was in La Bella Vita . And then I fell crazily in love with it when i finally saw the actual thing last week! The design looks stylish and edgy yet the material is very soft and light when you touch it. I love the fact that it is in such a convenient size, not too small or big to carry around while it still can contain quite a bit of stuff. The plaid details on the sides are pretty and make this bag truly unique!

I'm wearing the army green coat with a black and white printed tee inside and a pair of black ripped denim shorts. And with this cool new bag, this outfit is a mix of casualness with a bit of attitude and poise. To add a bit of color and fun, i have the dark mustard scarf. I'm also wearing my diy studded sneakers below to complete the look. Love the studs!

Close-up details on the beautiful bag. :)

Another gem from La Bella Vita, this gold armour-inspired ring is just so cool!

 . Dark Mustard Scarf . Topshop . Army Green Coat . Printed Tee . Black Denim Shorts . Gmarket Korea . Shades . Stylenanda .  Black Studded Satchel . Armour Ring . La Bella Vita . Spike Ring . Asos . Watch . Casio . 

Both bag and ring are from La Bella Vita, a chic and stylish online boutique that you wouldn't want to miss :) They offer a huge range of trendy apparels for girls like us, from high-waist shorts in loud turquoise, retro-ish floral pants, cute color-blocking dresses, classy evening bandage dresses, laid-back tops to versatile blouses in pretty colors for work and play! Of course you can also find lovely bags and accessories there, just like mine! I would call it a one-stop shop for you can find many different kind of styles in one place. And it is just so much easier to purchase with a shopping cart system they have.

Check out their shop here and you will definitely find something you like! They have actually just launched their new collection :) Follow them for their latest news and updates @ their facebook and twitter too!

Click and see their summer campaign video!

eggcited? SHOP.


8/21/2011 8

_____________ Choose Life. ______________

By Cindy A.

 Black Skinny Jeans . Kasil Workshop . Boots . Taiwan Local Shop . Printed Tee . Stylenanda . 

Its been crazily busy. And i am waiting for something to be finalized and yeah if nothing goes wrong, its going to be a huge step for me. I don't know why, i am not as excited as i thought i would be. Its more of nervous and stress. Hope everything goes well. :)


8/20/2011 12

_____ ! Random Recent Years - Vol.Two ! ______

By Cindy A.

 Growing Trees, 

 Brother & Sisterrr, 

 Bf's homemade apple pie with vanilla ice-cream, 


 My hand-drawn gift for darling, 



 Happy Converse, 



After a day of high and low, 



 Sunset alley, 


8/17/2011 17

________ I Was Fed With Love Poison, _______

By Cindy A.

 . Black Hat . Stylenanda . Red Over Shoulder Shirt . Peacock Feather Bracelet . Romwe . Blue Diamond Necklace . KL Malaysia . 
 . Ripped Denim Shorts . Vintage . Sailor Scarf . Joyce . 

Another super colorful and loud outfit. :) This time with alot of red and blue. I really love that blue diamond necklace i got from Malaysia during a trip there in April, it was from a local boutique and i really don't remember the shop's name. For similar vintage high-waisted denim shorts, look here and here. Nice too!

Recently i have been eating alot, alot of junk food and whatever. Put on a little bit of weight haha. I think its nice to not think about the waistline from time to time and eat whatever you want. Life is all about balance. :)



____________ ! Chicken Salad ! ____________

By Cindy A.

 . Hard-boiled Egg . Japanese Cucumber . Cherry Tomatoes . Romaine Lettuce . Cooked Chicken Breast . Yellow Bell Pepper . White Sesame . Balsamic Vinegar . Whole Grain Mustard . Black Pepper . Gouda Cheese . EV Olive Oil . 


8/16/2011 13

_____________ ! Grey Spirit ! _____________

By Cindy A.

  . Grey Stripes Shirt . Bangkok . Sheer Sleeveless Top . Cross Ring . Forever21 . Grey Pants . Kasil Workshop . Dark Mustard Scarf . Topshop . Shades . Stylenanda . Bracelet . Zipia . 

Sometimes, life is just full of surprises. Things can also happen so quickly... and you really don't know if you are on the right track.


8/15/2011 1

__________ Today's Craves, This! __________

By Cindy A.

 Elizabeth and James Chrystie Glasses ~ source 

I so want this glasses. Blink Blink ! :D


8/14/2011 10

__________ ! My Shoes ! Let Go ! ___________

By Cindy A.

I am letting go some shoes of mine, all of them are either worn once or less than 3-4 times. Unfortunately my size is EU39, pretty big for a girl so i understand its probably harder to let go than my clothes, cos EU39 is definitely not the common size. 
Apparently this selling post is for girls who share the same shoe size as me! :)


. Cream Open-Toe Canvas Wedge . ~ sold
. 20 Sgd Includes Local Registered Postage .

. Good Condition 9/10 . Worn 2 times only . Made In Korea .
 . Heel Height 7.5cm . Size Korea 250 / EU 39 .
. You can see how i wore it here and here .


. Black Nonage Oxford Wedge . ~ sold
. 30 Sgd Includes Local Registered Postage .

. Good Condition 9/10 . Worn 5 times only . Made In Korea .
 . Height 5cm . Size Korea 250 / EU 39 (tight) . Comfy Fits EU38 .
. You can see how i wore it here and here .


. Brown Ankle Boots . ~ sold
. 20 Sgd Includes Local Registered Postage .

. Very Good Condition . Worn 1 time only . Real Leather Upper .
 . Height 1.5cm . Size EU 39 .
. See how i wore it here .


. Black Ankle Boots . 
. 20 Sgd Includes Local Registered Postage .

. Good Condition 8/10 . Worn 2 times only .
 . Heel Height 8cm . Size EU 39 .
. See how i wore it here .


. Black Jelly Heels . 
. 20 Sgd Includes Local Registered Postage .

. Very Good Condition except for only one minor line of scratch on the side . Worn 1 time only .
 . Heel Height 9cm . Size EU 39 (tight) . Comfy Fits EU38 .
. See how i wore it here


. Brown Leather Heels . ~ sold
. 25 Sgd Includes Local Registered Postage .

. Good Condition 9/10 . Worn 4 times only .
 . Heel Height 10.5cm . Size EU 39 .
. See how i wore it here and here .


. Classic Sand Beige Oxfords .  ~ sold
.  50  25 Sgd Includes Local Registered Postage .

. Brand new condition . Worn only once for this photo-shoot .
. Size EU 39~40 / Length 25.5-26cm . Height 2cm .
. Soft Synthetic Leather. Very comfortable .


~ My foot length is 24.5cm.

Read the instructions below and email me!

Prices including local registered postage. No meet ups, only sending through postage. Payment must be made after confirmation. Once payment is received, item will be sent in the next 1-3 working days with address/particulars provided. Payment methods ONLY accept internet banking/bank transfer and paypal.

International buyers have to pay additional charges for shipping. Side note* i would appreciate the first buyer to confirm and make the payment asap so i could update the post that the item is sold before any late buyers to continue email me.

First come first serve basis, i have only one piece on hand. I will put on a notice in the same post when its sold out.

Note, i would love to keep this as simple and casual as possible because this is not a blogshop, i only do this occasionally for 
my readers who would be interested in buying my stuff :) Most of the things are secondhands used and worn by me so it should 
be understandable that the products would not be 100% perfect and new (unless specified brandnew). Products sold are 
non-refundable or exchangeable as i will not be responsible if the actual product is not up to your expectations or if the 
item gets lost through posting.


8/13/2011 8

____________ ! Trainspotting ! ____________

By Cindy A.

 . Orange Boyfriend Style Loose Shirt . Romwe . Tight Blue Denim Shorts . Old/DIY . Skinny Cream Belt . Oh! Poupée . Black Satchel . Gmarket Korea . Shades . Stylenanda . Bracelet . Asos . Watch . Vintage . 

I have been cutting a few of my old jeans into new short ones :) Its a way to save money and make use of what you already have so they are not left wasted over time! This color blocking/popping outfit did grab some kind of attention on the street that day. I didn't wear the hat out eventually because i thought the colors were already pretty loud for Singapore. :) To be honest, i'm still not used to the stares and stuff. Felt like a clown. Haha. If you love loud and bright shorts like mine, you can check out similar ones herehere and here. Anyways, I hope you guys have a great weekend! Enjoy much much! & Loves.