8/13/2011 8

____________ ! Trainspotting ! ____________

By Cindy A.

 . Orange Boyfriend Style Loose Shirt . Romwe . Tight Blue Denim Shorts . Old/DIY . Skinny Cream Belt . Oh! Poupée . Black Satchel . Gmarket Korea . Shades . Stylenanda . Bracelet . Asos . Watch . Vintage . 

I have been cutting a few of my old jeans into new short ones :) Its a way to save money and make use of what you already have so they are not left wasted over time! This color blocking/popping outfit did grab some kind of attention on the street that day. I didn't wear the hat out eventually because i thought the colors were already pretty loud for Singapore. :) To be honest, i'm still not used to the stares and stuff. Felt like a clown. Haha. If you love loud and bright shorts like mine, you can check out similar ones herehere and here. Anyways, I hope you guys have a great weekend! Enjoy much much! & Loves.


8 Responses to “____________ ! Trainspotting ! ____________”

  1. Hey dear, could you share any Gmarket links to get good quality satchels like yours? :) thanks in advance.

  2. dangstyle says:

    Love the color combo :)
    I don't like being stared at when I'm taking my photos outside!


  3. I love your hair! Is it natural or you had it permed? I really wanted to achieve this kind of hair, I'm from Philippines and I know great salons but don't know what kind of perm I want, I mean, how they were called, hope you can help me! thanks! btw, outfits are all fab, love loud colors :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    yeah Cindy, i love shorts. Gonna buy from GMarket Korea :) thanks for the info and have a great Sunday

  5. HilaryB says:

    Crazy combination of colors! crazily good girl :)!

  6. Cindy A. says:

    - you can check out the link in the blog post ' regarding what i sell ' theres a link to the shop i bought my black satchel. as for others, im not sure you need to look at the pictures and prices to judge. so far i only bought satchels from 2 sellers before:)

    - theres an older post i think about 1 week plus ago i talked and shared about my curled hair you can check it out.:)

    thanks guys :D

  7. Hanjinqq says:

    is it really hot in singapore to wear tights in the afternoon? :O

  8. Cindy A. says:

    not really, because most of us stay indoor and the air-con are blasting everywhere!