7/16/2011 12

_________ Her Colorful Symmetry, _________

By Cindy A.

. Denim Shorts . Sheer Sleeveless Tee . Forever21 . Mustard Cardigan . Gmarket Korea . White Satchel . Taiwan . 
. Suspender Tights . Risque . Bracelets . Asos . Vintage Watch . Casio .

Start each day with a grateful heart.
Focus on the positive aspects of every person you encounter.
End each day with a grateful heart.
~ Lucy MacDonald


12 Responses to “_________ Her Colorful Symmetry, _________”

  1. Sydney says:

    nice quote!
    you look chamring x i love the mustard too!


  2. ronan says:

    i love your tights and satchel most, you're gorgeous though! ronan xxx


  3. Anna says:

    I love your outfit! And great blog btw! You've got a new follower ;)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do you have any tips on how to get many hypes on lookbook? I always get a pathetic number of hypers (e.g 80 hypes, 50 hypes etc) Thanks a bunch, i adore your pics!


  5. bel says:

    i've always wanted to get a mustard cardigan from gmarket (i order quite often too) but everytime i browse, there's just so many shops selling cardigans and i give up looking for one! lol. love your outfit, as always.

  6. Anonymous says:

    love your shoes!! where did u buy it?

  7. Anna says:

    Oh and one my question: What sort of lenses do you use?

  8. Cindy A. says:

    Shoes are from nonage a korea brand you can search in gmarket!

    lens i think is the default lens came with the camera, its my bro's :)

  9. this outfit is too cute! great style girl!

  10. Danii says:

    I love your style so so much! I'm glad you made a blogspot blog. Keep up being awesome! :)

  11. Victoria says:

    Love your shoes! they are so cool! they look like creepers :) you have wonderful style. Love it. x

  12. Sooooo cuuuttee and COOOOOLLL!!! I want your white briefcase! hahaa
    I love your photos!
    - Anna ♥