8/30/2011 5

__________ That's What She Said, __________

By Cindy A.

This pictures were taken a few months ago and i just discovered them in my Leica camera! And many others that i will post slowly in future. Wearing falsies here :) They really make a difference to how your eyes look! But i'm too lazy to constantly use them. And this is my hair everyday before i curl and style, very dry and bad! Look at the ends, omg. Results of too much bleaching last time when i had my funkay short hair and the perming early this year made it even worse. My boyfriend said my hair is like a broom. Haha.


5 Responses to “__________ That's What She Said, __________”

  1. Dorien says:

    love love your eyes in these shots! are those fake lenses you're wearing? Looks amazing!!

  2. so beautiful! love how simple and crisp the black and white makes these look.

  3. : 3 says:

    Omg , I saw you at Bishan! Was too chicken to say hi! >_<

  4. tiffyama says:

    Love your falsies here. So natural looking! But yes, like you, I'm too lazy to apply them every day. heh

  5. Cáti says:

    how cute :)

    I'm following dear!

    check out my blog when you get a chance*