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_____________ ! La Bella Vita ! ____________

By Cindy A.

I love studs. That's why this black studded satchel immediately caught my eye when i was in La Bella Vita . And then I fell crazily in love with it when i finally saw the actual thing last week! The design looks stylish and edgy yet the material is very soft and light when you touch it. I love the fact that it is in such a convenient size, not too small or big to carry around while it still can contain quite a bit of stuff. The plaid details on the sides are pretty and make this bag truly unique!

I'm wearing the army green coat with a black and white printed tee inside and a pair of black ripped denim shorts. And with this cool new bag, this outfit is a mix of casualness with a bit of attitude and poise. To add a bit of color and fun, i have the dark mustard scarf. I'm also wearing my diy studded sneakers below to complete the look. Love the studs!

Close-up details on the beautiful bag. :)

Another gem from La Bella Vita, this gold armour-inspired ring is just so cool!

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Both bag and ring are from La Bella Vita, a chic and stylish online boutique that you wouldn't want to miss :) They offer a huge range of trendy apparels for girls like us, from high-waist shorts in loud turquoise, retro-ish floral pants, cute color-blocking dresses, classy evening bandage dresses, laid-back tops to versatile blouses in pretty colors for work and play! Of course you can also find lovely bags and accessories there, just like mine! I would call it a one-stop shop for you can find many different kind of styles in one place. And it is just so much easier to purchase with a shopping cart system they have.

Check out their shop here and you will definitely find something you like! They have actually just launched their new collection :) Follow them for their latest news and updates @ their facebook and twitter too!

Click and see their summer campaign video!

eggcited? SHOP.


10 Responses to “_____________ ! La Bella Vita ! ____________”

  1. love the shade of your scarf! great seasonal transition color:)

  2. I have bag envy right now!
    I love the ring too, great pair <3



  3. Kelsey says:

    I'm following you!

    Feel free to check out my blog; http://overthewedge.blogspot.com

  4. YinGSaran says:

    love your bag
    You look amazing!


  5. Emerald says:

    you are too cute for words.

  6. Adore the amour ring


  7. romwe says:

    I am creatively charged and spontaneously pleased.Thanks for that terrific inspiration!
    These accessories seem to be fantastic,quite simple design,awfully good effects,

  8. Cindy A. says:

    thanks guys :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Nice, I will buy some things I see there right away, so classy, chic and femenine!!

  10. bella says:

    Hey, where did you buy this bag? :)