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_______________! SOLD ! _______________

By Cindy A.

. The Nude Cream Blazer .  - sold 
. 45 Sgd Includes Local Registered Postage .

. Brand New . Perfect Condition . Worn 2 times . Shoulder 35cm . Chest 42cm . 
. Sleeve Length 60cm . Sleeve Width 14cm . Length Top To Bottom 68cm .

. The Little Girls Tee .   - sold 
. 25 Sgd Includes Local Registered Postage .

. Good Condition . Worn less than 5 times . Shoulder To End Of Sleeve 56.5cm 
Theres no line between shoulder and sleeve so it goes all the way . 
. Neck Across 23cm . Chest 49.5cm . Length Top To Bottom 56cm .

. The Brown Blazer .  - sold 
. 55 Sgd Includes Local Registered Postage .

. Brand New . Perfect Condition . Worn 1 time only . Shoulder 40cm . Chest 39cm . 
. Sleeve Length58cm . Sleeve Width 13.5cm . Length Top To Bottom 54cm .

. The Baby Pink Shorts .  - sold 
. 25 Sgd Includes Local Registered Postage .

. Brand New . Perfect Condition . Worn 1 time only . 
. Waist 34.5cm . Hip 47cm . Length Top To Bottom 36cm .
The waist part is a little too loose for me.

My height is 171cm and shoulder length is about 39cm .

Read the instructions below and email me!

Prices including local registered postage. No meet ups, only sending through postage. Payment must be made after confirmation. Once payment is received, item will be sent in the next 1-3 working days with address/particulars provided. Payment methods ONLY accept internet banking/bank transfer and paypal.

International buyers have to pay additional charges for shipping. Side note* i would appreciate the first buyer to confirm and make the payment asap so i could update the post that the item is sold before any late buyers to continue email me.

First come first serve basis, i have only one piece on hand. I will put on a notice in the same post when its sold out.

Note, i would love to keep this as simple and casual as possible because this is not a blogshop, i only do this occasionally for 
my readers who would be interested in buying my stuff :) Most of the things are secondhands used and worn by me so it should 
be understandable that the products would not be 100% perfect and new (unless specified brandnew). Products sold are 
non-refundable or exchangeable as i will not be responsible if the actual product is not up to your expectations or if the 
item gets lost through posting.

Please contact me at sleepwalks@gmail.com to purchase it :)


5 Responses to “_______________! SOLD ! _______________”

  1. Miiki says:

    your so pretty. love your outfits <3

  2. esther says:

    i dont mean to be rude but you used to sell your clothes at such affordable prices but now that you relize they sell well the prices have gone sky-rocket.. i don't think it's very nice? especially since most of your items seem to be from gmarket which is priced rather low

  3. Cindy A. says:

    Heys, just to let you know that the blazers and the shirt were not from gmarket, so your assumptions were wrong. They werent cheap when i bought them and they were new.

    And Gmarket korea prices are not all cheap if you take a look at them. Many goods are in higher prices but they are also good in quality. For exmaple the satchel bags that i bought from gmarket is around 40-50USD which is not cheap at all.

    LINK: http://english.gmarket.co.kr/challenge/neo_goods/goods.asp?goodscode=190024844&pos_shop_cd=EN&pos_class_cd=90000001&pos_class_kind=T

    And this doesn't include shipping.

    So i hope this clears up the misunderstanding that im trying to profit much from my readers. I'm not operating my blog as a blogshop, my readers can choose to buy if they think the price is acceptable or not. :)

  4. Cindy A. says:

    Additonally, i understand some of my stuff are sold cheaper thats because either they were bought cheap or they have been used for a number times which means the condition are not very new. There are stuff that i have never been used out of house (only worn once for photoshoot - less than an hour.)i would sell them at around original price and that includes shipping. There are reasons why i set the prices differently for different outfit. Please understand, not every outfits of mine are cheap.