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______________ .Cameras. _______________

By Cindy A.

Alot people asked,

I use Nikon D5000 for most of my outfit/food pictures. (Default Lens)

Sometimes Leica D Lux 4 when i go town/outdoor. 

Then there is the Iphone camera that i snap random moments of my life. :)

I have also included this info on my sidebar.


Oh yeah and many of you asked about my photography set-up and editing software etc.

So i'll just explain this here so anyone can just refer to this post. :)

I don't have any secret or tricks to my photography. Basically i just take pics against a clean white wall in my room with a very limited amount of space. I just make sure that the windows are open so that the natural sunlight can fully shine into the room, of course a good weather outside is a bonus. Lighting makes a huge difference, and i would prefer natural light to flash light. I set my camera to the best settings, right aperture and shutter speed, not too dark or too over-exposed so it can capture the true sharpness, color and texture of your outfits. Of course you can also play around cos some like the over-exposed effect or the flash light look, they are awesome too. I use a remote and a tripod when taking my outfit pictures. 

What i do in post is i will adjust the color in photoshop to tweak the mood that best fits the outfits, well this is all personal preference. I have been using photoshop for a long while so i really dont have a formula that create a edited look or something. I just play around and each time it gets different result. The basic things that i can say are levels, color balances, brightness & contrast and the layering modes...etc. Its hard for me to go into details for every outfit pictures. How do i merge my 2-3 outfit pics into 1? Just simply masking and erasing in photoshop. Since the backdrop is a clean wall so it very easy. Haha all my editings are simply just old school manual work. I believe there are easier ways that i don't know.

If you guys are interested, you can look up photoshop tutorials on the internet (they are everywhere!) and play around you might just get some effects you like. I heard there are some good softwares out there with ready made photo effects? That would save a lot of time and effort in post i guess. But i'm really not sure about this one. Let me know if you find one! I want :D

Most importantly is to have a good camera, simple clean backdrop, good natural lighting and the right camera settings. I use auto white balance and iso depends on the sunlight? Yep as long as the picture is sharp and not over or under exposed its all good. Nothing beats a good camera, its the foundation. No matter how much editing you do if the picture quality is bad, it is bad.

Hope this helps :)


7 Responses to “______________ .Cameras. _______________”

  1. Any good photography or editing tips? :P

  2. Cindy A. says:

    edited post :)

  3. Alyssa says:

    hey, how much and where you get your Leica D Lux 4?

  4. Cindy A. says:

    i got my Leica second hand from clubsnap forum for about 750sgd!

  5. Anonymous says:

    hey, what iphone camera app u use to take picture?

  6. Cindy A. says:

    I use mainly instagram, pudding camera, classic toy, hipstamatic...etc :)

  7. Kaylee says:

    Hi Cindy,
    What kind of lens do you use with your Nikon D5000? Btw, I <3 your blog!:)