7/15/2011 1

_____________ Comfort Food, _____________

By Cindy A.

. home made red bean soup . home made cucumber pickle . fresh durians .

i made red bean soup the other day, red bean is really healthy especially for girls during their periods to help strengthen their bodies and rejuvenate blood supply. It has a lot of protein and very rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber. It also reduces water retention in our bodies.

Yes i made more cucumber pickles with a lot more heavier taste, but i still couldn't get the 'Taiwanese' taste and i realized it might be the soy sauce i used. Taiwanese soy sauce do taste very differently from Singapore's.

And yeah the durian season is here and i just can't stop myself from this particular sinful indulgence :) I was never a fan of this fruit until i met my boyfriend. So well, he is the culprit! :D


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  1. red bean soup! my favorite!