7/19/2011 7

_________ Nothing Beats The Egg ! _________

By Cindy A.

Do you love egg?

You know,

It is so so... surreal and happy at the same time to see you guys really try out my recipes, for real! Glad to actually see the food pics that you guys posted on your blogs and i don't know why but feel really touched when you tell me you like them as much as i do :) 

Thank you for such appreciation! :D Thanks!

Whats life without food, man?


7 Responses to “_________ Nothing Beats The Egg ! _________”

  1. I did try out your cucumber recipe too! last Saturday with my bf :D all the food you posted is so tempting :p

  2. Cindy A. says:

    haha thats nice!:)

  3. Sydney says:

    egg is my fav! i eat them almost everyday :P x


  4. Nettie says:

    Oh I love egg! I always ask our house help to cook sunny side ups for me if I don't like the food. lol

  5. mt says:

    love eggs! <3

  6. *GASPS!* OMG i LOOOVVVEEE EGGS! Infact, i had them today (Sunshine eggs/sunny side up) :D
    -Anna ♥