9/26/2011 7

__________ ! Ciao Milano ! vol. 03 __________

By Cindy A.

I have been dressing really casually in Milan cos i don't have much clothes with me here and i try to keep it light and simple for the summer weather.

Went to ALLESS, a bar/cafe near my place. They have apertivo, special happy hour like many other places, just get a drink from 8 euros and eat all you want.

 Really liked the music they were playing, cool laid back ambience with very vintage old school design.

 We sat on the outside with free wifi.

Random lunch at some deli, and its 10 euros! omg.

Cute old school van near the office.

Vending machine for cigarettes! Cute.

Another day, work outfit. :)

Went to Verona today and i'm dead tired after all the walking and sweating. Weird because the sun is back and it feels like summer again! :( This is a short post and i'm promising you a long one next!


7 Responses to “__________ ! Ciao Milano ! vol. 03 __________”

  1. Jia Ni says:

    I love how simple and flawless your outfits in this post are! Also really loving the Milan post series~ :)

  2. youre so cute i love the sunnies!

    <3 steffy
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  3. NoMade says:

    Love it <3

    Come visit me we can follw each other :)

  4. Nana says:

    Wow you look nice even with simple outfits ^^ !

  5. You look EXTRA cute. and I love your shoes!

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  6. Anonymous says:

    you still look very nice in casual outfits. perhaps because you are so skinny. how i wish i can be like you! looking good in any outfits! :( and, what are you working as over in Milan? for how long will you be working there? missing your proper posts like before! you seem real busy now.

  7. Helen says:

    Love your first outfit! Milan looks awesome for you, have fun :)