9/11/2011 0

___ ! Craves ! Are You Ready For Some Rain? ___

By Cindy A.

Omg. These 3 amazing puddle-stompers are definitely what i have been searching for this year's rainy season! For rainboots, i like to keep the style simple and versatile, with beautiful and subtle details so they don't look too casual and cheap. Rainboots with studs? Crazy love! With a more feminine touch, this lacy print rainboot is just sweet and classy at the same time. I so need a pair of this. :D I also like some plainer black ones like this and this.

My past few umbrellas broke on me all the time and now im lack of one and so wanna get a nicer umbrella when the rain pours. Same as the rainboots, i prefer something black and white for easy matching. I love designs like stripes and handwritten words like these! Haha. Be stylishly prepared before we all get wet. :)