10/28/2011 3

_____________ ! Beginnings ! _____________

By Cindy A.

 . Printed Tee . Romwe . Leather Jacket . Unknown . Taiwan . Skirt . New Look . Low Cut Boots . Zara . 

Sometimes i feel like i have just started to Live for myself. Life has just begun. Its been almost 2 months since i have been in Milan and i have experienced and learnt a lot. I am definitely living my life to the fullest. Its hard to be constantly updating the blog because work has been busy and when im not in the office, i am always outside, travelling and stuff. And i am thankful for everything...and you guys too. Its weekend soon and i can't wait! :D


3 Responses to “_____________ ! Beginnings ! _____________”

  1. Babe Jane says:

    I really love your jacket and your shoes are great! :)

  2. Mae Lu says:

    Happy weekend, Bella!

    I can't believe you're on a 2 month adventure. When do you go back home to SGP?

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  3. Cindy A. says:

    thanks guys! i will be here in europe for 3 months :)