10/26/2011 2

__________ ! Ciao Milano ! vol. 06 __________

By Cindy A.

Random pictures from the first week of October :) Stayed in Milan over the weekend and we went to do a little shopping in town. Lazed around Cologne, one of our favorite night spots but this time in the day. Had the famous crepe near the square, i got nutella con baileys, superb! As usual we were at cape town on Saturday night and we had a lovely cheeseburger dinner nearby. Friday we celebrated my birthday at Dario, Seb and Javier's place and had a blast with the delicious pizzas, drinks and cake. :D Thanks guys!


2 Responses to “__________ ! Ciao Milano ! vol. 06 __________”

  1. Mae Lu says:

    The things I love most about Europe are the street-side crepe stalls.

    We barely have any creperies here in the States, so whenever I travel in Europe, I make sure to hork down a bunch of crepes!

    Love the picture of Elvis with the graffiti. I love that graffiti and street art is treated so well in some European countries. Here it's treated like a crime and dirt... they have to find the miscreants who do it, jail them, and then clean the stuff off... it's art, people!

    Happy Birthday, Cindy!

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  2. Cindy A. says:

    Yes, it so hard not to get fat here in Italy, sweet stuff like bakeries and gelaterias are everywhere. i have been eating so much gelatos, chocolates and pastries recently. I just cant stop myself because i get so hungry easily with the cold weather. haha.

    Graffiti is kinda part of the culture here, they are everywhere too. Of cos they have nice and really ugly ones.

    Thanks so much, you are always so so sweettt. :)