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___________ ! Cin Cin Cindyyy ! ___________

By Cindy A.

 . Le Blanc Et Le Noir Sheer Blouse Chicwish . Green Sling Satchel . Zipia . Black Denim . Gmarket Korea . Spike Bracelet . Glasses . Stylenanda . Cross Ring . Forever21 . Black Wedges . NewLook . Black Suspender . Soon Lee . 

Some readers emailed and commented to ask about my height and yeah i'm 171cm. I'm tall and have a big build with a decent amount of meat on my body. I am just like any other girls who are sensitive about their weight and want to lose a few kilos just to look better no matter what size they are. But overall, im pretty happy with myself being healthy looking and i eat anything i like with portion control. I guess i don't have the pressure to become as skinny or stick thin like the professional models out there, and thats what i like about my blog. :) I have the freedom to look how i want to look and be the person i want to be without answering to anyone. I am just another girl next door loving fashion and styling without having to fit into the " industry standards ".

Embrace the differences and uniqueness in each of us.



6 Responses to “___________ ! Cin Cin Cindyyy ! ___________”

  1. Mae Lu says:

    Cindy, you could never be as common as "the Girl Next Door" because you are such a rare gem of intense style and photographic expertise.

    I love these photos.

    I love that you acknowledge that you've got your insecurities like anyone else, but I love how independent and fierce you are about it all.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  2. Krissy ~ says:

    cute top!!
    you're pretty tall! wish i was at least your height aha!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. Anonymous says:

    i like it! and totally thumbs up for what you said. i'm rather tall and have a big build too. and totally same sentiments. im also very sensitive about my weight and appearances. always wanna lose some weight.

    but i like how you look and your size. wander how you keep your shape?
    i love food! and in order to maintain my shape, ive to cut down on those. :(

  4. you're so adorable, I love this! And wow, 1m71. I wish I was that tall :(


  5. fauxe says:

    You always make me feel better about myself - I have a similar build and even though my weight is in the normal side for someone my height (173.5 cm) I always feel I could lose some here or there. And sometimes we have to accept that we are the way we are and that to aim to be sticky thin would be a suicide lol So thank you :)

    I wanted to say that I really respect you - not only as a fashion blogger but also as a person <3 Keep up being your awesome self! Hope this doesn't sound as creepy as I think it does lol