11/03/2011 4

__________ ! Feels Like Free Spirit ! _________

By Cindy A.

 . Camel Brown Coat . Zara . Grey Jeans . Kasil Workshop . Scallop Collar Stripes Blouse . Chicwish . Metal Sling Bag . Oh! Poupée . Mustard Scarf . Topshop . 

Just got back from Torino this morning and i only had 2 hours of sleep. The concert party ended at around 5am in the morning and it was still crowded when i left! Italians really do know how to party and have fun! :D Was never a big fan of electronic music but UNDERWORLD blew me away! There will be pictures! The freezing temperature in the morning was crazy tho, body and mind numbing. Will be catching a match at San Siro this Sunday, finally im going to watch my first football match in Europe, LIVE. I am moving to a new apartment tomorrow... gotta pack now!


4 Responses to “__________ ! Feels Like Free Spirit ! _________”

  1. Rosie says:

    oh my

    that is an utterly wonderful scarf

    i love it

    you are so fashionable and you and your blog is such an inspiration

    woop woop to you



    check out my blog?


  2. you look SO cute even in such a casual outfit! how!?!

  3. Mae Lu says:

    When I saw that outfit at first, I was like, what? How come she is so bundled up? This is crazy!

    But yes, it must at least get a little cold in Italy. Once I move to Hawaii (1 month), I don't have to deal with freeze anymore. It will be like 2C this week. Ugh!

    How much longer are you in Milan--when are you going back to Singapore?

    Mae Lu @ ~thereafterish.!

  4. Jade says:

    that's a great outfit!!! beautiful.