12/26/2011 2

_____________ ! War Rock ! ______________

By Cindy A.

  . Vintage Shades . Earl Grey Party . Blue Denim Shirt . Army Parka . Black Satchel . Gmarket Korea . Sneakers . Converse . Watch . Casio . Bracelet . Leather Skirt . H&M . Ring . Asos . La Bella Vita

This vintage shades is from Earl Grey Party and its soooo cute, don't you think so?! I have also been trying to find nice army jackets and parkas for a long time and finally i got them! They are from Gmarket Korea, just go to the website and click into the jackets/coats category and you will find this and many similar ones on the first page. Easy! 

Its just days away from 2012, are you ready for that? :)


2 Responses to “_____________ ! War Rock ! ______________”

  1. Cathy says:

    Cool layered look!


  2. Sydney says:

    You look incredibly chic all the time. Envious! Xx