1/17/2012 5

____________ Building Castles, ____________

By Cindy A.

 Isn't it so much easier to dream and not wake up to reality sometimes? Happy times. 


5 Responses to “____________ Building Castles, ____________”

  1. Sheyla says:

    You're totally right. :)

    In dream land anything can happen and you can always distort it in your favor somehow ;)

    Did you ombre your hair? It looks good on you.


  2. Clouds says:

    i love this post.

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  4. pia says:

    great photo ! its a great blouse


  5. Anonymous says:

    hi Cindy... i always like what ever you post on your blog. i just notice that you have been under the weather with your recent postings. i know for sure that when it rains it pours... i for one am holding out an umbrella for ya.. ;) there is also another saying< " there's always a rainbow after the rain".... i'm sure there will be brighter days ahead...