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____________ ! Her Second Skin ! __________

By Cindy A.

 . Black Sling Bag . Chicwish . Black Ethereal Skirt . Second Skin . Black Ropey Belt . Second Skin . Boots . Doctor Martens 

Was pretty excited when these two lovely items from Second skin arrived last week :) I just fell in love ever since i first saw them in this online boutique. Second Skin offers a range of stylish and chic outfits for trend-spotting girls like you and me! Whether you are a lady who loves sexy and feminine like dresses, a retro geek who craves for buttoned-up chiffon blouses or someone who feels comfortable in effortless over-sized tees...Second Skin is all for you.

Been into black and black outfits lately, mainly because i gained some weight :p So this combination of long ethereal skirt and ropey belt certainly comes in at the right time! This skirt is definitely a must-have this summer! The chiffon material is very light so don't you worry about wearing it under the hot weather in Singapore. Anyways most of us are indoor with air-con blasting away all the time :) It is a little sexy so you can balance it up with a bit of attitude by matching it with a pair of Dr. Mart boots.

The ropey belt was a love at first sight too, it comes in many colors and i chose the black one to match it with the skirt. I truly adore the plaid designs and also the details on the golden buckle! Definitely works well with any high-waisted skirts and shorts you have.

You can find these two items here and here. :) Go take a look at Second Skin for their many other lovely items too! I especially like the Zipper X Studs Tote Bag and Hassle Skull Top!

You can also follow Second Skin in Facebook and Twitter for their latest news and updates! 

Nothing beats a good shopping experience for me.



6 Responses to “____________ ! Her Second Skin ! __________”

  1. Daradhw says:

    I frickin love your blog! I think I've just found a new blog crush ;)

    p.s Love the skirt!

  2. Wadziie says:

    Amazing outfit
    following ♥


  3. Lovee love it <3


  4. Flow says:

    Gorgeous outfit! You're so lovely and such a natural beauty!

  5. Mae says:

    Cindy, thank you for the introduction to Second Skin! They are amazing and so affordable! Love them. Such great items!

    You look amazing, but your eyes are so sad. I'm sending you love from Hawaii. Chin up, life always rises after you hit the bottom. Vibes and love.

    You're gorgeous inside and out.

    me ke aloha, Mae