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____________ ! Hot Chocolate ! ____________

By Cindy A.

 So i went back to John after months of not pampering my hair with a new nice color and proper hair treatment. My hair ends are still dry from past bleaching and perming! Theres nothing i can do but try to do some treatment from time to time and wait for the hair to grow longer so i can chop them off! 

 John introduced me to the new Loreal coloring technique... medium base, basically its like a gradient from roots to ends. Its not dip dye tho which focuses more on the ends only. Remember i did balayage back in December? i loved it so much but now i decide to try something different... its a darker shade compared to my old color :)  

 I was very excited when my hair was done in the afternoon and wanted to take some decent pictures of the hair later in the day... when the RAIN came out of nowhere while i was on my way back home.    

 I tried my best to save my hair but no, despite standing in the bus stop i was so wet and almost drenched with the attack of the pouring rain, obviously the strong wind didn't help. My hair was ruined. Worst part was i stood there for almost an hour because i couldn't even cross the road and my house was just right there in my eyes. No shelter at all. Boys and girls, bring your umbrellas.

 So i managed to get help from another lady with an umbrella and i gave up saving my hair afterall. Hair was wet no longer in style. These pictures are what it looked like after i blew my hair dry that evening. Even tho its flattened and straightened out after the rain i still wanna show you guys my new color badly! 

 Thanks to my stylist John and Salon Vim for this great hair color before i leave Singapore :) Luckily i took some pictures at the salon earlier so you guys can have a look at the more proper stylized look i had before :p   

 Well after the color i also did a 3 step treatment to repair and nourish my hair especially my very dry ends! John gave me a bottle of Loreal force factor leave-in treatment for my brittle ends...as i will be away for awhile and leave-in treatment is better to use in places of dry climate. Of course i also got a really cute bottle of Loreal super dust to style the crown of my hair so it doesn't look too flat. :) 

 Happy Happy Happy    


8 Responses to “____________ ! Hot Chocolate ! ____________”

  1. Anna says:

    I love your new hair :)

  2. Wadziie says:

    loving the photos
    and nice hair ♥


  3. so fresh, and you're so pretty <3
    come and see my blog if you have time, thank you <3


  4. Anonymous says:

    where are you goin girl?

  5. hueys says:

    your hair looks awesome! (:
    so are you and your lip colour!

  6. grey hair says:

    You looked more sexy and alluring with this new style.

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