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____________ ! And I Grew Up ! ____________

By Cindy A.

  [ SOME QUESTIONS FROM YOU GUYS SORRY IF I MISS OUT ANY! ] Yes i am staying in London now and i travel back to Singapore and Taiwan from time to time. I use iphone camera+, mei tu xx and instagram app for these pictures... i dont have a dslr camera with me anymore and i seldom use my leica. Iphone is my best friend now. I use photoshop when i add texts on my pictures or having those polaroid frames around. I bought my dry shampoo at Boots pharmacy. I dont rebond my fringe, i just use dry shampoo and styling spray to create volume on my crown area. I love London for the designs, vintage arts and fashion culture. The cosmopolitan city is busy, full of vibe and filled with people from all over the world...! Weather is unpredictable, generally cold and wet with moments of sunshine from time to time. Umbrella is a must. Very noisy! I cant compare London to Milan cos they are very different. I do love Milan better... more laid back and relaxing, Italy is the most amazing country on the planet... from the beautiful and warm people to the food and culture! They are the best!:) C.  

7 Responses to “____________ ! And I Grew Up ! ____________”

  1. 010 says:

    Finally you have update your blog. Been waiting for your new blog post.

  2. your photos are gorgeous! update soon ^^

  3. Kookie says:

    Awesome post! I'm just wondering if you still have the link to the floral shorts you're wearing? I can't seem to find it in Gmarket. ;o

  4. kaila mo says:

    oo love all these pictures, they are so cool! cute look!

  5. season says:

    The pretty red nails! Keep it up and i love your blog :D

  6. Nini says:

    i love your style

  7. Great outfit for winter.
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