7/11/2011 3

_____ The Beast Who Came Into My Life, _____

By Cindy A.

Had a fruitful weekend spent with buddies and boyfriend. It is amazing how we have all grown up doing different things, going through different stages in life yet we are still there for one another. We might be all busy committing most of our time to work, relationship and family, but true friendship would always be at the back of our minds even we don't see each other so often. I used to give up on friendship at a point of time. I was hurt. But now i have somehow stop bearing grudges and stop looking back. You don't need many, you just need a few who really care about you, who went through bad days with you, who never judge you and love you for who you are. I do miss my secondary school days very much, it was the time i met these amazing buddies of mine. And the lovely darlings i have gotten to know through work from the past few years. Of course, and those who stood by me all these years almost treating me like a part of your family. Cherish them.

Friends, you know who you are :) 

I guess i have somehow changed, growing up. I'm really not the outgoing type...what people might perceived me to be. I always like to keep my circle small and genuine. I feel really uncomfortable being physically around acquaintances or people i'm not close to.

Are you like me too? Definitely introvert.


3 Responses to “_____ The Beast Who Came Into My Life, _____”

  1. Lorene To says:

    I love being myself. I hate crowds, i will have small panic attacks when there's too many strangers around! People judging me by my look will think that i'm an extrovert but i'm secretly an introvert! Great to know there are people out there who desire quality and not quantity friends! ;)

    <3 ur blog!

  2. Sam says:

    I used to think I was an extrovert but now I'm not sure anymore because I get tired so quickly at parties where you are supposed to 'mingle'