7/11/2011 14

___________ Weekend Romance, ___________

By Cindy A.

Sunday out with my boyfriend, having simple and nice bentos from Meidi Ya (again!). Checked out the bookstore for some reads. We also went to the park to take some nice shots, something we haven't been doing for months! Evil hot sun, nice greenery backdrop and romantically strolling through the park before the rain suddenly started to pour. Talk about mood swings. 

Anyway, the last one is a sneak peak to the many pictures we shot at the park, will post soon! :D


14 Responses to “___________ Weekend Romance, ___________”

  1. Leya says:

    beautiful as always!

  2. Anonymous says:

    both of you soo cute and sweet!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Where did you get your locket necklace from?

  4. yunnie says:

    i love your lip colour in the first picture!

  5. cute blouse! lovely look!

  6. Paupeeh says:

    it's always fun to spend a day with a loved one <3 keep the love growing. :)

  7. currrzio says:

    very nice couple indeed.

  8. Anonymous says:

    love your lip color in the first picture too! what brand and color is that? :)


  9. Anonymous says:

    omg medi ya!!! how much is the beef bowl? do you usually eat the whole portion yourself?

  10. Cindy A. says:

    i can't remember exactly how much around 8sgd i think?

    yes i can finish the whole bowl for that portion sometimes if i want to , but normally my boyfriend will eat 1/3 of the rice.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Where did you get your shirt from ?.

  12. fang says:

    i love your specs. where did u get that?

    p.s: your blog is awesome! :)