7/04/2011 18

_________ ! Fake Facebook Account ! ________

By Cindy A.

First, i wanna thank Nikki for informing me about this, this is crazy.

Why on earth would one person wanna fake another? What does he or she gain from that, number of friends?

I don't get it. Its sick. Anyways, just to let you guys know that this account is fake do not believe that its me.

I have reported this person, hope its going away. soon.

Anyways, i was thinking to create a Sleepwalks9to5 facebook page this time but i didnt know if i should. I do have a personal facebook account but its private to my family and close friends. What do you guys think? Should i get a official facebook page, will you guys join me there?

Let me know alright :)


18 Responses to “_________ ! Fake Facebook Account ! ________”

  1. janet says:
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  2. wow what a shock!!

    I've had other people try to pass my artwork off as theirs but it wasn't to this extent, that 92 people already 'liked' it xD

  3. Anonymous says:

    yes, please create Sleepwalks9to5 facebook page. i'll join u...:D

  4. This is ridiculous! hahah! Yes I think it's a great idea to create an official facebook page. :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    and if you create an official facebook page, I'll join for sure ;)[2] second this ^_^
    p.s. I like your 3rd photo on the fake page. You resemble me Song Hye Kyo. So beautiful <3

  6. Anonymous says:

    Please do! definitely join you!

  7. Anonymous says:

    this is annoying. maybe you can do something to trace an IP address..?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I will definitely join you on FB!

  9. Cáti says:

    there are so many stupid people that have no life....-.-
    anyway, just found your blog and I'm following :)


  10. Anonymous says:

    Yes i would definitely join you! I'm sure everyone who reads your blog will. :)

  11. Cindy A. says:

    thanks guys :) i wonder they are taking him/her down. the amount of friends doubled just from yesterday to today haha.

  12. Paupeeh says:

    yes please! create a facebook fan page! :) i'll definitely follow.

    hmmm.. while i was looking at the info of the fake Cindy A, i noticed that she indicated "dela salle lipa" and batangas city as her school and location, namely. judging from that, i guess she's from the Philippines.

    i'm a Filipino and I'm not proud about this one.

    are you familiar with what old folks say about imitating someone else? it's the highest form of flattery.

    cheer up, you're loved by so many! <3

    love and sunshine,

  13. Anonymous says:

    the information that was there..tells you that it was a filipino...defo :O
    pls watch out for fake scammers...i heard many blogger fans were cheated on already

  14. Cindy A. says:

    thanks for the positive comments guys :)

    i reported that person yesterday, i wonder when is facebook going to determine the fact and delete the account?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeeesss!!! Create Facebook page! I will definitely join you! By chance the other day I was looking for your fb page (because I'm your fan on LOOKBOOK ;D)and i did not find any page. And now you tell me that they created an fake page?! And already has more than 90 fans in so little time??! Girl you're getting famous!! But if you want that page to disappear from the map quickly you have to ask as many people as you can (and I know that you can! XD) to click the button to report page and it's done! Pretty soon the page will be taken down. By:Lisandra

  16. Shasie says:

    That is sooo crazy! Can't believe someone is impersonating you! Definitely created the facebook fanpage!

    Live Life in Style

  17. itsNikki says:

    You're welcome cindy! Im just a concerned fellow blogger. Just saw a common friend of mine on facebook the they are friends with this fake account. so i immediately checked it to see if this is your real account. I think you're the 2nd co-blogger that i saw and reported a fake account on facebook. either it is fake or someone is using the looks to post it on facebook, and "sell" the outfits that the blogger is wearing.