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____________ ! Hello Stranger ' ____________

By Cindy A.

. Leopard Print Glasses . Big White Tee . Stylenanda .

I wanna thank you guys for reading my blog and also leaving nice comments to motivate me to do more wonderful stuff ! Thank yew!


4 Responses to “____________ ! Hello Stranger ' ____________”

  1. Shelby says:

    im so glad i found your blog. im following now!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Please stop saying you need to lose weight and have fat legs. It is an irresponsible thing to say considering you are already very thin and I'm sure many of your readers are larger then you and would be hurt by your comments. We all have insecurities about ourselves no matter what our size, but for someone whose blog is read by many, I think you should be more conscious about what sort of body image you are giving to giving to girls. I can understand you wanting to tone your legs more, that's something everyone wants, but please do not use the word fat to describe yourself. You are a pretty girl and have a healthy looking body.

  3. Cindy A. says:

    First, i want to say i'm sorry if my words offended you or any of my readers. That clearly wasn't my intention.

    I just want to clear up this misunderstanding that i have never said i was 'fat' in the post. I said 'chubby' which means a little more meat than what i desired and i am not exaggerating it. Sure i'm not fat overall, but i do have a heavier bottom and my family and close friends know perfectly about it. When i take these lookbook pictures i know what angle would be more flattering to my body thats why its harder to tell and judge because of course i do not post pictures that are less appealing.

    I know there are girls out there who are larger than me and i am not trying to make anyone feel bad about themselves. I for one grew up being teased about being chubby, fat, big size, big-build etc all sorts of ugly names. I hope you understand that im not the type who complains fat when im already skinny thin. i have never been skinny thin and i don't like that at all. Simply put, i just want to have a healthier looking bottom. its supposed to be positive.

    We all have insecurities and want to improve ourselves, i was just being honest and encouraging myself at the same time. Everyone has different perception on beauty and i never assume others to perceive it the same way as me.

    Maybe im not used to the fact that more people are reading and i start to have some kind of social responsibility now. I started this blog and i enjoyed blogging because it allowed me to say whatever i want to say. But now it starts to seem like i should be careful in everything i say and do if not i could easily offend anyone.

    It is not that simple and personal anymore i guess.

    Thanks for letting me know about it. I would keep my personal feeling to myself in future.

  4. Shasie says:

    I love how you responded to her comment about your "fat" statement. Every girl looks at themselves differently, whether skinny or fat. I think you have the right to complain no matter what your size.

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