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__________ Regarding What I Sell __________

By Cindy A.

This is gonna be a long post. Guys, I’m sorry if its a bit wordy.

I'm writing this post specially to clear up some misunderstandings, questions and wrongful assumptions regarding the things that I sell in my blog. I really hope to explain this once and for all to avoid future unhappiness.

First, this is not a blogshop, online apparel store or a spree blog. 

I have stated very clearly before that I only do this from time to time when I have things to let go, I don't operate it as a business or trying to earn a living out of it, I don't need to.

Second, the price of the items vary differently. 

The price of each item is determined by its original price, brand new/no. of times worn or used, quality and current condition. There are many factors to be considered so they are definitely not all in the same price range, some are just more expensive than others.

Reasons of selling vary too. 

Some items are purchased online/friend helped to buy from overseas. Although I loved the designs, unfortunately the sizes just don't fit perfectly on me, either a little tight or loose. Eg. Jacket or Shoes. I realized I would buy many similar items at a period of time and honestly speaking some of them are rarely used. Since some readers emailed and asked about them I might as well just let go and sell to the people who want the stuff more and not let these good stuff go to waste.

There are a lot of stuff in my closet that I would never sell because they are either too dear to me or they are just too worn-out and probably out of trend that I wouldn't even think of selling because I am not trying to clear and sell all my unwanted old stuff for a profit. I only sell things that are quality worthy, still in trend or at least in pretty good condition.

To make things even clearer,

Eg. A dress that I have worn less than 3-4 times but because its made of good quality it's still in a very good condition and still very much in trend. I would sell it at around 40-60% of it's original price.

Eg. A bag that I have never been used out of my house, a recent purchase, the only time I actually use is in the photos that i take for my selling post, which pretty much makes it brand new. This I would sell at the original price ( may include international shipping cost that I paid when I bought it if it was purchased online/overseas )

Eg. A cardigan that I bought more than 1 year but I have only worn it less than 5 times, still in good condition tho. Its probably out of trend or the design is pretty common. I would sell it at around 30-40% original price.

I do not profit from my sale.

I put in my personal time to take the pictures, post them up, reply tons of emails, wrapping the parcels and going down to the post office to send them out. There would sure be a few bucks differences on the est. shipping costs because I wouldn't know the exact costs until the moment I send them out at the post office. Considering the time that I invested, a few bucks really mean nothing and would you even consider that as a profit? If I’m really intending to make money I would have open a shop instead?

I believe that most of my readers are smart enough to judge for themselves. They have so many options out there on the Internet, they can tell if my price is reasonable or not, they can choose not to buy from me. I believe that generally most of my readers buy from me not because my items are super unique and too stylish to find anywhere else. I want to believe that I make them realize the potential of the clothes that they didn't think of before and through my personal way of matching and styling...it inspires them with new ideas and wanting to buy the items from me. Afterall, style is what I have been sharing with you guys! I may be wrong I don't know.

Another thing is that its no secret that I frequently buy stuff online.

Especially Gmarket Korea, Zipia and Asos. Responding to a comment earlier, yes Gmarket Korea sells many cheap stuff, but they do sell many expensive things too. You get what you pay for, through my experience with online shopping especially with Gmarket, I wouldn't say all but most of the pricier stuff are also better in quality. It depends on what you want and how much you are willing to pay.

Eg. I got my recent black satchel from Gmarket Korea -here, it's around 40-50usd which is about 60+sgd. I wouldn't consider it very expensive when you compare it to UK Cambridge Satchel Company's bags selling at 300sgd, but it sure is slightly more pricey than most bags selling in Gmarket which ranges from 25-50sgd. And I am very happy with this black satchel bag because although its slightly higher in price compare to others, the quality makes it all worth while. And its made of real leather, so when you think about it its actually consider quite cheap for genuine leather. Not to mention that all these prices exclude the additional international shipping costs.

What I'm trying to say is, not everything from Gmarket are cheap. You can even find designer brands there selling above hundreds. Zipia...to me it has never been cheap too...but I love their quality. When i mean cheap is something like a synthetic leather sling bag selling at a range of 0-20sgd. And not everything I sell are from Gmarket. In fact, most of the items I sold were not from Gmarket. Even if they really were it doesn’t mean that they have to be cheap.

And I do not mark up my prices.

If you think that one particular item is expensive and it's brand new then it is also the same amount I bought it and I am just selling it to cover my cost and not trying to earn a profit out of it. Item prices vary differently, my prices do not get higher over time. I used to sell a jumper at 55sgd in one of my earlier selling posts. It doesn’t mean that if I sell one item at 10 bucks means all the others have to cost about the same. The cheaper stuff that I used to sell (10-30sgd) were either already cheap when I bought them or I have used them a number of times, but still it has to depend on the original price. I am still selling things at 20+bucks now, its all based on how much they are worth.

I know this is long winded and I actually don't have to explain so much in such details. But I just feel that I need to say it out and clear up people's doubts before they start assuming. In future this post can be referred to anyone who have problems with my selling price. Ultimately, its your choice and your money. If you can find a similar item to mine with a lower price and better quality at somewhere else then good for you. I have nothing to hide and I can honestly say that I have been doing this truthfully.

I may be saddened by the fact that I have been misunderstood or being wrongly assumed. But on a brighter side, I could also use this as a good opportunity to let you guys have a better understanding of how things work.

I started out simple and i really want to keep it that way.



6 Responses to “__________ Regarding What I Sell __________”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Cindy,
    I am one of your buyer. I don't want to make it complicated here, but honestly i like all your stuff. Because of you i come to know GMarket, Zipia and Asos etc !! I really appreciate it..

  2. Cindy A. says:

    hi and thanks for your support :) Glad to hear that you like my stuff!

  3. Anonymous says:

    jiayou jiayou!!! luvvvv

  4. Amanda C. says:

    Hi Cindy! First off, I am in love with your style! It is very me but I never seem to be able to pair clothes up like you do. So thank you for sharing your style with us.

    Secondly, I have been wanting the UK Black Cambridge satchel ever since I first laid my eyes on it but could never afford it. And when I saw that you posted the link on where you got yours I was estatic! However when I checked out the GMarket link they didn't sell the black satchel as shown in your post: http://sleepwalks9to5.blogspot.com/2011/06/waiting-feels-like-years.html

    So I was wondering if you could be kind enough to help me out if you had the time?

    Thank you so much!
    Keep rockin' it ;)

  5. Cindy A. says:


    i just checked the link i think its sold out thats why the picture is gone. but they still have the brown and red color ones. if not they also have the black satchel in a smaller size.