12/20/2011 5

____________ ! Yes, Surprises ! ____________

By Cindy A.

 . Green Sling Bag . Zipia . Printed Tee . Cotton On . High Waisted Denim . Bangkok . Glasses . Stylenanda . Skinny Belt . Asos . Accessories . Misc . 

Old outfit from July. Just found out i have a couple more of them from this year that i actually overlooked. Really casual and light clothings for hot summer days :) And when i still had that fringe... Going down to Salon Vim next week and i can't wait to surprise myself with the new hair color! What an exciting way to end the year, oh god i hate my hair now :D


5 Responses to “____________ ! Yes, Surprises ! ____________”

  1. Anonymous says:

    this is so cute, you always make the style your own!

  2. Farrah says:

    I like how you put things together so effortlessly simple but chic :)

  3. cathy says:

    Such a summery casual look, love the green bag!
    Check out my blog:

  4. Sydney says:

    lovely glasses!

    if i may ask, do you take photos beside a window or?? i adore the tone xxxx


  5. You mae me feel cold!!!

    Which hair colour are you going to choose??? Looking forward to see it!!!